Mission Statement

“As an innovative company dedicated to elevating the travel's experience, we’ve made it our mission to ensure you feel confident choosing us as your journey partner to Batam.”


At Harbourbay Ferry Terminal, we aim to make your trip to Batam as safe, comfortable and quick as possible. 

Our family has been traveling by ferry between Singapore and Batam for more than 25 years. Like many passengers, we grew up reliant on the ferries that were available, but without any market competition, the standards for cleanliness, safety and comfort back then were quite low. 

Our family leased its first ferry in 2014 from the only company that seemed intent on improving the traveler’s experience. Since then, we’ve been committed to elevating the journey for our passengers. By digitizing the ticketing process and upgrading our business and economy travel options, our customers feel like they're on holiday from the moment they book their trip. 

Today, Harbourbay Ferry Terminal is your closest stop to Batam, and the only operator to arrive in Harbourbay Downtown from Singapore. Our technology-driven approach and customer-centric business model allows us to ensure our passengers can spend all their time enjoying their destination.