Thank you for choosing Horizon Fast Ferry! We’re proud to offer the fastest route between Singapore and Batam. Your time is important, and we aim to provide a quick, efficient, and comfortable journey. Our modern fleet meets the highest maritime standards to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

Economy Class

Economy class passengers can enjoy a comfortable, fully indoor and air-conditioned experience on our main deck with televisions and toilets available.

Business Class

Business class passengers can enjoy a luxurious experience on the upper deck, with wider leather seats, more spacious legroom, individual pull-out tables*, complimentary bottle of water and shared 40-inch televisions and toilets.

*Not available on Horizon 10.

VIP Cabin

The VIP cabin offer luxury and comfort for up to four passengers*. Each cabin features a 40-inch television, reclinable leather seats**, adjustable footrests**, and individual pull-out tables**. Additionally, each passenger will be provided with a complimentary bottle of water for their convenience.

*Horizon 10’s VIP room seats up to six passengers.
** Not available on Horizon 10.
Business Class & VIP Passengers Benefits
  • Priority Disembarkation
  • Priority Embarkation @ Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal (Departure)
  • Business Class Lounge Access @ Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal (Departure)
  • Free Bottled Water