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Top Bird Nest Supplier in Batam (at least 30-40% cheaper than Singapore)

Did you know many big retail TCM shops get their bird nest directly from Batam, give it a fancy name, repackage and resell in Singapore? Batam is a place where all the wholesaler and manufacturer gathers to trade and supply bird nest to Singapore, Malaysia and China. The raw birdnest, usually harvested from swiftlet farm houses under a control condition,  process, clean and package in Batam before they are ship out. Prices are at least …

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2019 Batam Resort Reviews ( Feels like Bali )

There is 7 amazing seven long weekends in 2020 – Chinese New Year, Good Friday, Labour Day, Hari Raya Puasa, Hari Raya Haji, National Day, and Christmas Day. For Chinese New Year (Day 2), Hari Raya Puasa, and National Day which fall on Sundays, the immediate Monday is usually given as off-in-lieu. Table below to plan your leave in advance to maximise your holiday. If you maximise your 14 days of leave, you’ll get 46 …

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2019 Christmas Buffet and Dinner Recommendation in Singapore

HO HO HO SAY LIAO. It’s another round of Christmas feasting! From turkey to log cakes, to steak and seafood and everything else between. Here’s our specially curated places for a memorable Christmas in Singapore 2019. Porta First up Porta. This restaurant is a restaurant-cum-grocer serving modern European cuisine. The decor has a nice modern colonial vibe and the place is kids friendly. It is helm by executive chef Michael Suyanto who has spent 12 …

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Top Secret Supper Club and Home dining trend in Singapore

Private home dining and secret supper clubs have been trending in Singapore over the past couple of years with diners looking for a more exclusive and unique experience . Grandma secret recipe, aspiring home cooks and chefs have been coming out  to prepare meals for those lucky enough to chope a seat. This is not a last minute dining option and waiting lists could stretch out for months, but your patience is rewarded with some …

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