SpongeBob & Patrick Movie-themed Tumblers for sale at GV Cinemas from Oct 1

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The movie is set before the events of the tv  series, with SpongeBob and Patrick going on an adventure to The Lost City of Atlantic City to bring Gary home after being snail-napped.

SpongeBob Tumblers

Fans of the show can now bring home a collectible based on the new movie – tumblers featuring graphics from the movie and characters SpongeBob and his best friend Patrick as toppers. So cute hor.

Here’s a closer look.

For moviegoers watching another film at GV, there are also $13.50 combos that come with the tumbler along with a choice of a large Popcorn/Nachos/Hotdog and a regular drink.

GV Movie Club members (free to sign upenjoy $1 off any of the combos.

The SpongeBob Combo will be available at all GV box offices from 1 October onwards. You can also purchase the tumblers alone at $9.50 online at GV’s online store from 8 October onwards.

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