6 MUST TRY Kueh Lapis When You are in Batam! (I love no 6)

Two of the must buy things in Batam is Kueh Lapis and Bird Nest (check out bird nest wholesale review here). Prices are at least half the price of Singapore and most Shops in Singapore directly source their lapis and bird nest direct from Batam. Born and raised in Batam, I have tasted almost all the brands of lapis. My taste bud is trained and cultivated by so many lapis throughout the years until it weeds out and retain the best that Batam have to offer. So here is a list of my favorite stores offering the best of these mushy cakes.

Tora Tora

Tora Tora

Tora tora is a wholesale shop, why we call it wholesale, its because the price is cheap, this shop has been around for 15 years, since the opening of Harbour Bay. Of course there is no need to doubt the quality of the product. various kinds of dry seafood, snacks, cakes, and others. We highly recommend shopping here, especially for last minute shoppers before boarding the ferry. A Good place to offload your Rupiah.

Kueh Lapis Tora Tora store

What I love in this shop is its traditional touch that adds extra flavour to the range of cakes. These steamed cakes are fresh-made here, and available in different types and prices. The original one is at Rp 180,000 and the Pandan one is available at Rp 220,000. The prunes and mocha flavors are also available for you to try.

Must try: Original (SGD 18+ ) and Panda (SGD 22+)

Prices: Prunes  (SGD 23+ ) Mocha (SGD 22+ ) Cheese (SGD 22+ ) Surabaya (SGD 35+ )

Opening Hours: Everyday: 8am – 7pm

Web: NIL  Contact Phone : whatsapp +62 813 6393 3778  Email :NIL

Address: Harbour Bay Terminal, 1st floor, near Starbucks, beside Excelso cafe.

Note: They are always in demand, so please call or make advance booking.

Royal Bakery

Royal Bakery store

Next shop where I will prefer to make a stop on my Kueh Lapis journey is Royal Bakery. It is a company that produces various kinds of cakes such as egg tarts, sponge cake, layer cakes, biscuits and others, since 2006. Their production sites are in harbour bay. Their cakes are baked fresh every morning.

Kueh Lapis Royal Bakery

The lapis isn’t overly sweet and a rich egg ‘n butter flavor is embodied in the spongy slab. I have a special place in my heart for the Cheese flavor, which I pre-order as per the shop’s rule. Other flavors include mocha, cheese, cranberries, and Cempedak. The pandan flavored one comes at Rp 200,000 and Durian at Rp 250,000. The bakery is located at Bayfront Mall second floor, just 5 minutes walk away from Harbour Bay Arrival.

Must try: Original (SGD 18+ ) Cheese (SGD 22+)

Prices: Pandan (SGD 20+) Durian (SGD 25+) Crabberry (SGD 22+) Prunes (SGD 20+)

Opening Hours: Everyday: 930am – 830pm

Web: NIL  Contact Phone : whatsapp +62 838 6365 4071  Email :NIL

Address: Harbour Bay Terminal, #02-26

La Moist, Layer

Kueh Lapis La Moist layer

Been around since 2004, Lamoist is properly the most famous brand knew to Singaporeans. It has many branches in Batam City Square, Nagoya Hill Mall, Kepri Mall, Nagoya City Walk, Mega Mall Batam and Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal.

I prefer authentic tastes over price and this is why my choice for Lamoist Kueh Lapis is unswerving. They offer many flavours that is unique to their brand. This is a 24-hour special cake shop from Batam Island and they provide free home delivery in Batam. They offer a host of delicious soft-layered cakes in the flavors like Chinese Moon Lamoist and Juicy Prunes Lamoist. They offer Mocha, Pandan, Cheese and more.

My favorite is their premium original which uses Australian butter, which makes the cake softer and more moist. It has the right amount of everything. You can also try other flavors, like Cheese, Mocha, Chocolate, Fresh Pandan, and many more.

La Moist layer
Other flavors Kueh Lapis La Moist Layer Batam

Must try: Premium Original (SGD 23+) 

Prices: Pandan (SGD 27+) Crabberry (SGD 22+) Prunes (SGD 22+) ChocoVaganza Plus (SGD 29+) Tradisonal Original (SGD 18+)  Happy mix (Rainbow, Cinnamon, Pineapple, Cheese, Mocha, Blueberry, Pandan, Chocolate) SGD 23+

Opening Hours : Everyday 8am – 8pm . Web: http://lamoist.com/

Contact Phone: Whatsapp +62 877 8855 6638  Email: [email protected]

Address: #02-28 Harbour Bay Terminal

The Fora

Kuehlapis The Fora Batam

This sophisticated cake shop offers Original Kueh Lapis cake in two sizes of big and small. The big one is priced at Rp 180,000 and the small one at Rp 90,000. This shop is one of the local favourite and it is located at Bayfront Shopping Center in Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal. You can check out the flavors and regular favorites of prunes and pandan, the taste of which linger on my mouth for a good long time.

Kueh Lapis The Fora

Must try: Orginal (SGD 18+) 

Prices: Prunes (SGD 21+) Original (SGD 18+)  Cheese (SGD 21+)

Opening Hours : Everyday 8am – 8pm . Web: nil

Contact Phone: Whatsapp +62 877 7889 0186  Email: nil

Address: #02-29 Harbour Bay Terminal

The Master

The Master Batam

The Masters is a hot favorite confectioner in Batam, and has branches in Harbour Bay and Windsor. The flavors of Kueh Lapis include Prunes, Rainbow flavor, and Butter layer. The Rainbow layered cake is at the price of Rp 200,000 for the big one, which I bought because of the unique brightness it brings to us, and it looks good on the “gram”. 

Closeup rainbow kuehlapis The Master Batam

Must try: Orginal (SGD 15+)  Almond (SGD 25+)

Prices: Prunes (SGD 25+)  Cheese (SGD 21+)  Butter layer (SGD 21+) Coklat Pandan (SGD 21+) Rainbow (SGD 21+) 

Opening Hours : Everyday 10am – 10pm . Web: : http://themasterlayerbatam.com/

Contact Phone: Whatsapp +62 852 7138 8585  Email: [email protected] 

About 11 Minutes driver from Harbour Bay Terminal 

Address: The Master, Nagoya Hill, Jl. Teuku Umar, Lubuk Baja Kota, Lubuk Baja, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29443 ( open in google map)

BLC (Batam Layer Cakes)

Batam Layer Cakes store

Homemade cakes have a specialty that sets them apart from the rest. The BLC is one of these shops that bakes and offers fresh cheesecakes, durian flavored and mocha flavored cakes. The cakes are priced in the league with others. You can directly see the production process, the production and sales are made in the same place. Products are sold within the same day, so it is quality and freshness guarantee, like fresh from the oven.

My favourites are their Durian and Chocolate flavour. It is one of the best in Batam.

They have been serving a lot of customer since 2010 and is trusted to be the best in town by the locals.

Other cakes - Batam Layer Cakes

Must try: Durian (SGD 32+)  Chocolate (SGD 29+) 

Prices: Raisins (SGD 29+)  Cheese (SGD 29+)  Cinnemon (SGD 25+) Pandan (SGD 29+) Prunes (SGD 29+) Original (SGD 25+)  Chocolate (SGD 29+)

Opening Hours : Everyday 7am – 5pm . Web: http://www.batamlayercakes.com 

Contact Phone: Whatsapp +62 851 0089 6364  Email: [email protected]

About 12 Minutes driver from Harbour Bay Terminal 

Address: Batam Layer Cakes, Tanjung Buntung, Bengkong, Tj. Buntung, Batam, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29444 ( open in google map)


That concludes my selection for the best Kueh Lapis in Batam. There are some up and coming hipster Lapis baker that I didn’t cover in this article. Gonna try those and let you guys know. Stay tune!

If you have tried any of the Batam Kueh Lapis before, or you have some other Kueh Lapis that’s not cover here, do let us know by commenting below.

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  1. hi,Is Bella Italia Pizzeria Ristorante Batam near any ferry terminal or shopping center? Could you tell me what s the best way to this place. Thank you.

    1. HorizonFastFerry

      Hi, yes it is walking distance from Harbour Bay Terminal. You can visit Promenade after your meal. it is a street along the coast, line with clubs and restaurants. Good place to chill out at night. You can see it from your ferry when you reach Harbour Bay.

  2. hi,Is Bella Italia Pizzeria Ristorante Batam near any ferry terminal or shopping center? Could you tell me what s the best way to this place. Thank you.

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