Harbour Bay Downtown Hotels

Harbour Bay Downtown offers 6 independent hotel chains to meet all budgets. Accommodations range from specialized boutique hotels to 5 star hotels all conveniently located within 15 minutes walk from the ferry terminal.

1. Batam Marriott Harbour Bay Hotel ($$$)

The newly built Batam Marriott Harbour Bay Hotel has 216 spaciously luxurious rooms. Opened in 2021, the Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal and Bay Front Mall are a short, enclosed and air-conditioned 5 minute walk away. With the most comprehensive amenity offerings within Batam, the Marriott Harbour Bay Hotel represents the crown jewel of hotels in Harbour Bay Downtown. 

Address: Harbour Bay Downtown, Jl. Duyung, Sungai Jodoh, Kec. Batu Ampar
Phone: +62 0778-5707999
E-mail | Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

2. Swiss-Belhotel Harbour Bay ($$)

Swiss-belhotel Harbour Bay has been providing Batam with a high-end hotel and event space since 2012. Guests who do not want to spend too much on luxury but desire to receive the same degree of high-end services, will find the Swiss-belhotel’s experienced hotel staff pleasant and eager to help. Featuring 179 beautifully furnished guest rooms in 4 different room categories, the Swiss-belhotel includes a presidential suite nearly double the size of their largest offering.

Address: Jalan Duyung, Sei Jodoh, Batu Ampar Telephone: +62 778 741 5888
E-mail | Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

3. Zest Hotel ($)

Straight-forward and efficient for the economically-minded traveler, Zest Hotel offers budget-friendly rooms which are clean and safe. Business travelers who are not seeking resort-level amenities will find this hotel perfect for their needs.

Address: Harbour Bay Complex Jalan Duyung Sei Jodoh, Sungai Jodoh, Kec. Batu Ampar
Telephone: +62 778 408 9900
E-mail | Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

4. M-One Hotel ($)

For party-goers and night-owls, the M-One Hotel offers a nightclub directly below its hotel  rooms on the 3rd floor. For an occasional break from partying, rooms are economically priced for the active traveler.

Address: Harbour Bay Down Town, Jl. Duyung, Sungai Jodoh, Batu Ampar
Telephone: +62 778 741 5151
E-mail | Website | Facebook 

5. Harbour Hotel Boutique & Spa ($)

Harbour Hotel Boutique & Spa is a 39-room boutique hotel that features interesting and lovingly decorated rooms. The hotel has an on-site spa and is a 5 minute unenclosed walk from Harbour Bay Ferry terminal.

Address: Komplek Citra Super Mall, Jalan Duyung Blok H No. 20 – 28 Batu Ampar
Telephone: +62 778 408 6377 Whatsapp: +62 812 3578 6822
E-mail | Website | Facebook 

6. 9 Days Hotel ($)

Address: Ruko Harbour Bay, Jalan Duyung No.3-5, Sei Jodoh
Telephone/Whatsapp: +62 815-3435-8728


Priority Travel in Batam

Automated Immigration Lane AKA Autogate

Our automated immigration lanes, also known as Autogate, provide a seamless and efficient way of traveling into and out of Batam’s Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal. With the use of biometric technology, you can clear customs in a matter of seconds without going through regular immigration counters, which can be cumbersome especially during peak season. Best of all, it is absolutely free.

Eligible Nationalities:

Indonesia / Singapore / Brunei /  Cambodia / Laos / Malaysia / Myanmar / The Philippines / Thailand / Vietnam / Indonesian Pass Holders of all nationalities

How To Participate in Automated Immigration Lanes AKA Autogate:

  1. You must have an International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) compliant passport that is valid for at least 6 months.
  2. All Indonesians can start using our Autogates by default.
  3. You must be 17 years old or older.
  4. For all other passport holders listed above, you must go through the regular immigration lanes once to have your biometrics collected. Thereafter, you can start using the Autogate the next time you enter or leave Batam.

Priority lanes at Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal

Every person on a wheelchair, the elderly, family with young kids with or without strollers is entitled to use our priority lane because we know how hard it is to travel with the young and the elderly.

Horizon Fast Ferry

With the fastest route between Singapore and Batam Harbour Bay, Horizon Fast Ferry is the official ferry operator that offers Economic, Business and VIP class, catering to all our passenger’s needs.  With four brand new vessels in total, the Horizon 6, Horizon 7, Horizon 8 and Horizon 9, all the ships have a maximum capacity of 238 passengers, including main deck seating for 208 passengers, an exclusive upper deck for 30 passengers and a private saloon for 4 VIPs. 

Horizon Ferry has designed an exclusive seating plan on the upper deck, the Business class, which ensures a comfortable ambience with low noise level even at its high speeds. On top of all the spacious legroom and ergonomics seats, TV entertainment to pass the time, passengers get to enjoy the vast horizon view and friendly services on board. Passengers are also entitle to upgrade themselves to VIP room where they can find more privacy.


With daily maintenance of our vessels, Horizon Fast Ferry has a 100% safety record.

Business & VIP Class

Most importantly, passengers from the business class and VIP room will get the privilege to board and disembark the ferry in priority. Passenger will also grant access in our cosy business lounge in Harbour Bay Terminal. Below is one of the many reviews from our passenger.

Visiting Batam – Latest Travel Procedure Post COVID-19 (Updated 22/4/2022)

It’s finally endemic and we know that you have been waiting to travel to Batam for the best seafood and foot massages. Follow this simple list to prepare for your trip and when you’re ready, make your booking on Horizon Fast Ferry directly on our homepage. We can’t wait to receive you at Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal to kickstart your holiday!

Please be informed that Horizon Fast Ferry will be relocating back to HarbourFront Centre from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal effective from Wed, 15 June 2022. 

Updated: 31st May 2022
Indonesian Citizens

1. Requires a minimum of 2 doses of Covid-19 vaccine for those over the age of 18. Unvaccinated passengers 17 years and under can travel with vaccinated passengers over the age of 18. 

2. Download the Pedulilindungi app and update the information page.

All Other Citizens (Including KITAS Passholders)

1. Requires a minimum of 2 doses of Covid-19 vaccine for those over the age of 18. Unvaccinated passengers 17 years and under can travel with vaccinated passengers over the age of 18. 

2. Visa rule is still applicable.

1. Membutuhkan minimal 2 dosis vaksin Covid-19 paling lambat 14 hari sebelum keberangkatan. Hanya berlaku untuk mereka yang berusia di atas 18 tahun. Penumpang yang tidak divaksinasi berusia 17 tahun ke bawah dapat bepergian dengan penumpang yang divaksinasi berusia di atas 18 tahun.

2. Download aplikasi PeduliLindungi dan daftar akun.

3. Visa yang valid, jika berlaku.

1. 需要在出发前至少 14 天至少接种 2 剂 Covid-19 疫苗。仅适用于 18 岁以上的人士。未接种疫苗的 17 岁及以下乘客可与已接种疫苗的 18 岁以上乘客同行。

2. 下载 PeduliLindungi 应用程序并注册一个帐户。

3. 有效签证(如适用)。

All Visitors Entering Singapore

1. Proof of at least 2 covid-19 vaccines taken at least 14 days prior to departure.

2. Submit digital SG Arrival Card up to 3 days before departure.

Attention: Departures From Singapore

Due to staff shortages:
  1. Please have all documents ready when picking up tickets at our counter (refer to list below for required documentation). Passengers without complete documentations such as proof of vaccine status will not be ticketed.
  2. We highly recommend passengers avoid checking in your luggages to avoid delays in loading luggages into our ferry.
  3. Travel between Monday and Friday whenever possible.

Contact Us

If you need to reach out for any questions, please send an e-mail to hff@horizonfastferries.com.

For inquires in Singapore, please call +65 6276 6711.

For inquiries in Batam, please call +62778 741 5100.

Quarantine Hotel Package Offer

Are you looking for a Stay-Home Notice (SHN) hotel in Batam? 4 Star Swiss-Belhotel, Swissbelinn and Zest hotel are offering exclusive accommodation package with transport from Ferry Terminal, meal and laundry services for as low as IDR 400K per night.

Call the below number to find out more.

Cross Border Delivery Service for Batam & Singapore

Are you missing your favourite food or  snacks from Singapore or Batam? Horizon has recently added a new service cross border delivery between Singapore & Batam. Sending food from Batam to Singapore is subject for approval on a case by case basis. For resident residing in Singapore please contact any of the number below:

Horizon Counter +65 62766711 | +65 9158 1013 

For Batam Residences please contact:

Horizon Batam Counter: 0778 741 5100 | 0895 2490 9171

SG Amazon launches Amazon Fresh, the 2hr grocery delivery service

SG Amazon launches Amazon Fresh, the 2hr grocery delivery service

Another way to get your grocery online, welcome Amazon Fresh, which is the new and improved version of the 2-hour grocery delivery service, Amazon Prime Now!

Amazon Fresh will offer Prime members a one-stop grocery shopping journey that caters to the best of shopping, entertainment, and general shopping needs all in one place on Amazon.sg and the Amazon Shopping App. Its new features include:

  • Increased convenience and flexibility: Shop on desktop with Amazon.sg with personalised product recommendations, extended delivery window visibility, and the option to add items to existing orders.
  • Recipes: View the new recipes feature for more meal-time inspirations to whip up delicious dishes from popular recipes.
  • Greater selection: Prime members can enjoy a greater selection of fresh local produce and ingredients from their favourite local brands such as Cultured Greens, Hai Sia Seafood, and more!

TO celebrate the launch of Amazon Fresh, Prime members can enjoy thousands of great deals at low prices from now until December 31, including discounts off selected products, 2-for-1 deals, and more!

Prime Now, Amazon’s ultrafast grocery delivery service, becomes Amazon Fresh in Singapore

The new and improved ultrafast grocery delivery service, Amazon Fresh, will simplify the shopping experience for Prime members, offer greater selection, and introduce a new Recipes feature on Amazon.sg/fresh

Japan Super Nintendo World opens on February 4th 2021 with AR Mario Kart rollercoaster

Japan Super Nintendo World opens on February 4th 2021 with AR Mario Kart rollercoaster

Universal Studios Japan in Osaka has announced the opening for it’s long-awaited Nintendo-themed area on February 4th, 2021.

That’s actually a little earlier than expected — last month Nintendo said that the project would open in spring. A themed cafe and merchandise store have already opened in the larger Universal Studios Japan park.

The flagship attractions, the Mario Kart-themed rollercoaster is housed inside a reconstructed Bowser’s castle and makes use of AR and projection mapping technology, with riders donning AR headsets shaped like Mario’s cap:


The new park is set to be further expanded with a Donkey Kong-themed area:

The cars do have steering wheels, and you can race alongside each other, but seems like the ride itself is on rails. There’s also an element of throwing power-ups from item boxes, and the experience will be different each time you ride, according to USJ.

The park says it’s working with health administration officials to ensure a safe environment for visitors and staff, and is currently operating at 50-percent capacity. COVID-19 cases have been rising in Osaka recently, with a record count of 490 positive tests reached on one day last week. Japan has largely avoided strict lockdown measures to date, however, relying on contact tracing and near-universal mask-wearing to mitigate the pandemic’s impact.

Let’s hope we can do there soon.

Singapore Public Holidays 2021 & Long Weekends cheat sheet: when to take leave

There’ll be 4 loooooong weekends in 2021.

With public holidays falling either on a Friday or a Monday.

After checking with our inhouse PHD (Poly Halfway Dropout) Scientist, we can deploy 10 days of leave to enjoy a grand total of 38 DAYS OFF WORK!

Public Holiday 2021

New Year’s Day1 Jan 2021Friday
Chinese New Year12 Feb 2021Friday
13 Feb 2021Saturday
Good Friday2 Apr 2021Friday
Labour Day1 May 2021Saturday
Hari Raya Puasa13 May 2021Thursday
Vesak Day26 May 2021Wednesday
Hari Raya Haji20 Jul 2021Tuesday
National Day9 Aug 2021Monday
Deepavali4 Nov 2021Thursday
Christmas Day25 Dec 2021Saturday

Long Weekends in Singapore 2021

So how in the world do you take 10 days of leave to get 39 days off work?

1) January 2021 (1 day of leave)

  • 31 December 2020 (Thursday): Take Leave
  • 1 January (Friday): New Year’s Day
  • 2 to 3 January (Saturday to Sunday): Weekend

Note: if your company gives you a half-day off on New Year’s Day Eve then you might want to take your leave on 4 January (Monday) instead!

2) February 2021 (1 day of leave)

  • 11 February (Thursday): Take Leave
  • 12 to 13 February (Friday to Saturday): Chinese New Year/ Weekend
  • 14 February (Sunday): Weekend

3) April 2021 (1 day of leave)

  • 1 April (Thursday): Take Leave
  • 2 April (Friday): Good Friday
  • 3 to 4 April (Saturday to Sunday): Weekend

4) May 2021 (3 days of leave)

  • 13 May (Thursday): Hari Raya Puasa*
  • 14 May (Friday): Take Leave
  • 15 to 16 May (Saturday to Sunday): Weekend

*subject to change

  • 26 May (Wednesday): Vesak Day
  • 27 to 28 May (Thursday to Friday): Take Leave
  • 29 to 30 May (Saturday to Sunday): Weekend

5) July 2021 (1 day of leave)

  • 17 to 18 July (Saturday to Sunday): Weekend
  • 19 July (Monday): Take Leave
  • 20 July (Tuesday): Hari Raya Haji*

*subject to change

6) August 2021 (1 day of leave)

  • 6 August (Friday): Take Leave
  • 7 to 8 August (Saturday to Sunday): Weekend
  • 9 August (Mon): National Day

7) November 2021 (1 day of leave)

  • 4 November (Thursday): Deepavali
  • 5 November (Friday): Take Leave
  • 6 to 7 November (Saturday to Sunday): Weekend

8) December 2021 (1 day of leave)

  • 24 December (Friday): Take Leave
  • 25 December (Saturday): Christmas Day
  • 26 December (Sunday): Weekend

Note: if your company gives you a half-day off on Christmas Eve then you might want to take your leave on 27 December (Monday) instead!