Visiting Batam – Latest Travel Procedure Post COVID-19 (Updated 22/4/2022)

It’s finally endemic and we know that you have been waiting to travel to Batam for the best seafood and foot massages. Follow this simple list to prepare for your trip and when you’re ready, make your booking on Horizon Fast Ferry directly on our homepage. We can’t wait to receive you at Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal to kickstart your holiday!

Please be informed that Horizon Fast Ferry will be relocating back to HarbourFront Centre from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal effective from Wed, 15 June 2022. 

Updated: 31st May 2022
Indonesian Citizens

1. Requires a minimum of 2 doses of Covid-19 vaccine for those over the age of 18. Unvaccinated passengers 17 years and under can travel with vaccinated passengers over the age of 18. 

2. Download the Pedulilindungi app and update the information page.

All Other Citizens (Including KITAS Passholders)

1. Requires a minimum of 2 doses of Covid-19 vaccine for those over the age of 18. Unvaccinated passengers 17 years and under can travel with vaccinated passengers over the age of 18. 

2. Visa rule is still applicable.

1. Membutuhkan minimal 2 dosis vaksin Covid-19 paling lambat 14 hari sebelum keberangkatan. Hanya berlaku untuk mereka yang berusia di atas 18 tahun. Penumpang yang tidak divaksinasi berusia 17 tahun ke bawah dapat bepergian dengan penumpang yang divaksinasi berusia di atas 18 tahun.

2. Download aplikasi PeduliLindungi dan daftar akun.

3. Visa yang valid, jika berlaku.

1. 需要在出发前至少 14 天至少接种 2 剂 Covid-19 疫苗。仅适用于 18 岁以上的人士。未接种疫苗的 17 岁及以下乘客可与已接种疫苗的 18 岁以上乘客同行。

2. 下载 PeduliLindungi 应用程序并注册一个帐户。

3. 有效签证(如适用)。

All Visitors Entering Singapore

1. Proof of at least 2 covid-19 vaccines taken at least 14 days prior to departure.

2. Submit digital SG Arrival Card up to 3 days before departure.

Attention: Departures From Singapore

Due to staff shortages:
  1. Please have all documents ready when picking up tickets at our counter (refer to list below for required documentation). Passengers without complete documentations such as proof of vaccine status will not be ticketed.
  2. We highly recommend passengers avoid checking in your luggages to avoid delays in loading luggages into our ferry.
  3. Travel between Monday and Friday whenever possible.

Contact Us

If you need to reach out for any questions, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

For inquires in Singapore, please call +65 6276 6711.

For inquiries in Batam, please call +62778 741 5100.

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50 thoughts on “Visiting Batam – Latest Travel Procedure Post COVID-19 (Updated 22/4/2022)”

  1. Hi Horizon Team!
    My tickets to Batam on 5th July
    “Download the Pedulilindungi (Apple) / Andriod app and register an account” . This applies to All travellers to Batam or only for Indonesians Citizen?

  2. Hi dear,
    Do we need PCR test to ride a ferry from Singapore to Batam? its for Indonesian Citizen.
    Coz i read some news, we no need PCR if have 2nd doses of Vaccine already.
    Her Horizon ticket is for July 4th Sin – Batam.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Salam,
    Saya punya pengalaman yg menyenangkan menyebrang ke Singapura dgn Horizon pada tanggal 15 Juni.
    Saya ingin kembali membeli tiket untuk perjalanan tanggal 7 Juli untuk se keluarga.
    Pertanyaaan saya, bolehkan kami membeli tiket tanpa harus check in jadwal kapal terlebih dahulu?
    Saya kuatir akan ada delay dalam perjalanan kami dari Medan ke Batam dengan pesawat.
    Terima kasih responnya.

    1. HorizonFastFerry


      Jika Anda khawatir tentang keterlambatan kedatangan dari Medan, saya sarankan membeli tiket kami di situs web kami setelah Anda mendarat. Semoga membantu!

      Horizon Fast Ferry Team

  4. Hello horizon

    It’s been a long two years since travelling to Batam again. Just to check, I will be travelling to Batam on 16th June 2022.I understand that u will be operating from Harbour front to Batam from 15th June. Can we call and booked for ferry ticket? Understand from 8th June there is no need for travel insurance for international traveller.

    Please confirm and advise.

    Thanks and Regards
    Peter Sim

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

    1. HorizonFastFerry

      Hi Peter!

      I’m glad that you’re thinking of traveling to Batam again! Yes, you can call and book your ferry tickets. However, due to staff shortages, you may experience delays by Whatsapp or phone call. I highly recommend booking through our website (it’s at our homepage). You are also correct in that travel insurance is no longer required.

      Horizon Fast Ferry Team

  5. Good day

    Just want to find out when will the Harborfront to Harborbay ferry schedule be published


  6. As the new update from 28 May 2022. 2 Vaccinations + 1 Booster there is no longer a need to take any ART/PCR, right.So with those latest requirements we are able to enter with those test anymore,right?

    1. HorizonFastFerry


      Beginning 30th May 2022, those who have at least 2 covid-19 shots will not longer be required to purchase health insurance. For more information, find it here

      Horizon Fast Ferry Team

      1. Hi, I’m Indonesian and fully vaccinated, thus not required to purchase insurance. How about my 4 year old child, non-Indonesian, who will be travelling with me in June?

      2. Hi,

        Can I have the link for more information on the latest requirement, as I don’t see it in your comment. Also wanted to confirm as of the latest update – no insurance required to enter Batam? Thanks.

      3. Mohamed Razali

        I m travelling to batam entering thru harbour bay..I am fully vaccinated with 2 dose and I have to take ART test as the latest requirement no need to take any test..
        Will the vaccination certificate and travel needed to enter batam thru harbour bay..thank you

      4. Hi Good Day!

        Just to double check is it true that if we got 2doses of Covid vaccine we do not need to buy travel insurance to go Batam from singapore?

      5. HorizonFastFerry

        Hi Nina,

        You’re right, you’re only required to have 2 doses of covid-19 vaccine. You are also no longer required to purchase travel insurance.

        Horizon Fast Ferry Team

      6. So just to confirm only vaccination status needed to show…
        No travel insurance needed entering batam from Harbour bay ferry terminal..
        Lastly to confirm horizon ferry will operate from Harbour front starting from 15th June ..

      7. HorizonFastFerry

        Hi Razali,

        Your information is all correct. You’ll have to show proof of vaccination, no travel insurance is required, and that we will return to Harbour Front and start operating from 15th June.

        Horizon Fast Ferry Team

  7. I am a Singaporean and i will be traveling to Batam in June. I am fully vacinnated. Do i still need to do any ART or PCR test during my departure from Singapore to Batam?

    What documents do i need bring along to travel to Batam?

  8. I’ve try to book the tickets via online. At the payment pages its shown departure place is at harbour front.

    1. HorizonFastFerry

      Hi Lionel,

      You can ignore that and complete your booking. All departures are still at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. I apologize for the confusion caused!

      Horizon Fast Ferry Team

  9. Moushin Afroditi

    I am an Bangladeshi resident
    I have my completed my vaccine shots
    Do i still have to take the PCR N ART test?? if so what will be the total cost to travel to batam from singapore back n forth??

    1. HorizonFastFerry

      Hi Moushin,

      If you have stayed in Singapore for at least 14 days, you can choose to take ART or PCR test. For one-way ticket, its S$50/pax and S$80/pax for a 2-way ticket as of 6/5/2022.

      Horizon Fast Ferry Team

  10. Iam indonesian what test do I need if I take ferry from tanah merah to batam ? is ART test or need PCR test ?

    1. HorizonFastFerry

      Hi Sunardi,

      Both ART and PCR covid-19 tests are accepted regardless of how long you’ve stayed in Singapore.

      Horizon Fast Ferry Team

  11. Hi Horizon
    I need to travel to Batam on 6May.
    Is there a package include ticket,Art test and insurance

  12. Richard MP Bowles

    If you are not Singaporean you will probably have to buy a RP500,000 visa on arrival and lose half a page in your passport. I will wait until there is no such obligation before returning to Batam, my passport is aleady pretty full!!

    1. HorizonFastFerry

      Hi Richard, my husband requires a Visa-On-Arrival and it does take up about 1/6 of the page so I get what you mean. It is significant and it does eat away at your passport pages very quickly. However, this has nothing to do with Covid-19 and unless our country’s relationship with the VOA country change, the VOA is here to stay.

  13. For Singaporeans, able to travel freely in batam such as Nagoya or batam ctr, or only within designated hotels/resort area?

      1. Jose fernando

        Hi admin,I’m Singaporean,do I need to take art test back to Singapore from Batam ?

      2. HorizonFastFerry

        Hi Jose,

        No, there is no covid testing requirement when entering Singapore.

        Horizon Fast Ferry Team

  14. I’m planning to go to Batam for a week on May 6 , do I need to show the proof of hotel booking with full payment made at immigration. Can I just buy one way ferry ticket or Open ticket on return or I must buy the return ticket with fixed return date ?

    1. HorizonFastFerry

      Hi Kent, Batam’s immigration officer generally don’t check for hotel confirmation or booked return tickets but it is at the discretion of the officer. It is something that is good to have, but not required, especially if you’re holding a Singapore passport.

  15. Torsten Rabjerg

    Hello. I Will travel to from Batam to Singapore with you on saturday and return to Batam sunday. Do i need to have a PCR test for my return to Batam ?

  16. Hi Horizon team,

    Just to confirm on this statement “A negative Covid-19 supervised ART test result taken
    within 24 hours of the ferry’s departure time (only applicable
    for those who had been in Singapore for a least 14 days)” Cause I just came back to Singapore on the 24 April from Batam. Does that mean I have to stay in Singapore for 14days before I can travel to Batam again? Or can I still enter Batam again this coming 29 April?

    1. HorizonFastFerry

      Hi Darrell,

      We’re so excited that you’re traveling to Batam again! You can absolutely travel to Batam on 29th April 2022. However, you’ll have to take a PCR test within 48 hours of your departure date instead of an ART test. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience, but hope that this won’t prevent you from visiting our wonderful island again!

      Yeni Ho

      1. HorizonFastFerry

        Hi Vannessia, yes, Batam immigration accept Tele-ART as long as you have the test result.

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