4 Recommended Batam Nightlife Places in 2019 (I like No 4)

From a guy stucked in a lift with a full bladder to a drunkard dad in a barbeque, no matter what your dance moves are, there’s a place for you in Batam’s crazy nightlife. There are many places but we have handpick those that are definitely worth a visit.

For those concern about safety, you might wanna consider chartering a car and driver while party hopping around.

Square Nightclub and KTV

Square is a high-end club and karaoke located inside the I Baloi Hotel. It is about 10 minutes away by car from Kampung Bule in Nagoya and 5 minutes from BCS Mall by foot.

Patrons from Square are mostly the local elite which includes mostly expats and Indonesian-Chinese. It nicely designed with a proper lighting and sound system, the standard closely resemble those in Jakarta. There is a bit of a dodgy side as well in the karaoke that includes lady companions, but in a discreet fashion. There are plenty of local party goers as well, incuding teenagers, young adults etc.

The entrance fee is Rp150,000, about 15 SGD, which is kinda of expensive and the most you’ll pay in Batam, which includes one free drink. There isn’t a conventional dancefloor, most dance around their areas or table. Recommended to get a table near the main area, between the bar and the DJ. If the place is packed, you’ll probably need to buy a bottle to get a table that cost about 100 SGD.

On weekdays, they have a resident live band and a DJ keeping the mojo going. The band plays Top 40 and classic songs, the DJs mix trap/EDM music. On weekends, they have famous artists from Jakarta. Best to check their schedule in advance on Facebook to see whose coming. They also have inhouse dancers called the “Squarelicious babes”, who perform with sexy clothes or bikinis.

Square Nightclub and KTV Interior

Price: Rp150,000 entrance fee and 1 free drink

Address: I Baloi Hotel, Baloi Kusuma Indah No.7, Batam, Riau, Indonesia
13 mins drive from Habour Bay Terminal

Website: http://www.squareclubbatam.com/

What’s near by: Walking distance from Batam Grand Mall and Sushi Tei

F1 Club & KTV

One of my go to nightclub in Batam, F1 Club & KTV is located in the basement of Planet Holiday, one of the largest and most famous hotels with a old school art deco vibe. In the same building, you also have Planet 1, a head-shaking techno disco, a billiard center and a big karaoke.

The layout for F1 is shaped in a L shape with a bar occupying the whole left side. In the middle lies the stage for live bands with sofas in front. Advisable to make table booking on a weekend night. There is a resident band every night playing top 40 and Indonesian songs till 2am, followed by a DJ playing party anthems till 5am.

No entrance fee. A whisky coke cost Rp112,000.

F1 Club & KTV Batam DJ View
F1 Club & KTV Batam Ladies Picture

Price: Free entry

Address: Jl. Raja Ali H., Sei Jodoh, Kec. Batu Ampar, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29432, Indonesia
7 mins drive from Habour Bay Terminal

Website: http://www.planetholidayhotel.com/recreational/f1-club

What’s near by: There are ktv, cafe and pool within the same building


Foreplay is a bar/live music lounge/nightclub located in the heart of Kampung Bule in Nagoya, Batam. It is within Nagoya Entertainment District where many pubs and bars are nested in this street. The area is infamous for Angmoh expats and tourist.

Foreplay is the most upmarket venue in this area, and the only one with a first drink charge (Rp100,000 every day and any time, even when it is empty).

Weekday is mostly empty and best to visit during Friday and Saturday after 11pm. There is house live band once in a while visiting DJs will be playing more upbeat techno.

One of the girls came to our table to introduce herself. I guess you can buy them drinks if you want their company for the evening.

Foreplay Batam Female DJ
Foreplay Batam Dancefloor

Price: First drink charge Rp100,000.

Address: Kampung Bule – Nagoya Entertainment District (NED) Komplek Batam Plaza Blok D No 1, Nagoya. 9 mins drive from Habour Bay Terminal

Batam Phone number: +62 811 700 2210

Website: http://foreplayclubbatam.com/

Whats near by: Walking distance from Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre


My current favourite place, Nomad is the latest upscale nightclub, bar, live music venue and restaurant recently opened on 2019. It is walking distance from Harbour Bay Terminal and located within Promenade, which is a seafood street along the coast.

The club concept and design is developed by Jarkata and by far the most polish club in Batam.

There is resident band and a list of rotating DJ playing music all night. The music choice is comparable to those in Singapore. The food is amazingly good. Be sure to try their steak, chicken steak and ox tail soup. Prices are reasonable, within 10 Sgd.

Outside, you can laid back on couches and enjoy the breeze by the sea, contemplating life, writing poetry and pondering alien life on Mars.

If you love cars, you can spot some parked outside. Spotted a Roll Royces park while I was there. Believe to be a major developer in Batam.

Nomad is well on its way to becoming one of Batam’s most unique and vibrant nocturnal hotspots.

Nomad Batam Liveband
Nomad Batam Chill Exterior

Price: No entrance fee. Free Flow Redwine for about 19 SGD

Address: The Promenade, Blok.8F Harbour Bay Downtown, Jl. Duyung, Sungai Jodoh, Kec. Batu Ampar, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29453.
5 mins walk from Habour Bay Terminal

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Nomad.ultralounge/

What’s near by: Whole stretch of seafood restaurants along the area or walk to Bayfront Mall for some shopping.

There you go, our recommended clubs and nightlifes in Batam.

Which is your favourite? Do share with us using the comment below.

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