The Story

In 2012, Horizon Fast Ferries was founded with a simple mission: to provide a safe,  clean, fast and comfortable trip between Singapore and Batam.

With over 4 decades of experience on the seas constantly looking towards the horizon, our founder had a vision to provide modernized upgrades from locally run, non-standardized vessels to technologically current, internationally certified, marine-safe vessels. Not only did we seek to meet and exceed all guest expectations, but also raise local standards to match those he saw in the international communities he had visited.

The Experience

We understand that the travel experience does not just start and end with the ferry, but at the ferry terminal. A staffed and stocked VIP lounge along with expedited priority lanes are available in Batam for travelers in Business Class and above.

For trips between Singapore and Batam, Horizon Fast Ferries holds exclusive access to Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal, the closest terminal between locations. We work hard to minimize wait time for embarkation, disembarkation and immigration.

Our Fleet

With hydro-dynamically low resistant mono hull forms and fuel efficient Caterpillar C32 engines, our fleet of flex ferries are fast, quiet and stable. Our C32 engines are efficient and rated: EPA Tier 3, significantly reducing pollution compared to older engines. All ferries are fully compliant with high-speed HSC 2000 safety codes